Kuznetsov Igor Yurievich


Kuznetsov Igor Yurievich - Academician of the MAAO, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor of the Bashkir State Agrarian University. Known as a scientist in the field of plant breeding and biotechnology.

Based on the research results, 230 publications were published, incl. 147 scientific articles, 34 monographs, 29 articles in the editions of the Higher Attestation Commission, incl. 4 in electronic textbooks, 14 articles in translated and foreign publications (Scopus, etc.), 18 recommendations for production and 10 copyright certificates and patents. The author of the amaranth variety "Svetlana" and the Jerusalem artichoke "Bashgau". The varieties are being tested (in co-authorship): meadow clover "Vanyusha", onion "Iglinsky 2", amaranth "Sasha" and winter wheat "Agidel", "Lana", "Ufimka".

Work on the mid-season onion variety "Iglinsky 2" is nearing completion

Description of the variety

Small germ variety - 1-2 bulbs per nest. The average number of seed arrows per plant is 3.1.

The growing season from sowing to ripening of seedlings is 81 days, from planting of seedlings to ripening of turnip onions - 76 days and from planting mother plants to obtaining seeds - 126. Suitability for mechanized harvesting is average.

The taste is semi-sharp. Sugars from 9.11 to 9.65%, essential oils from 2.7 to 3.5 mg%. Keeping quality - 87% and higher. The yield is high.

Variety value: high palatability, strong root system, high yield of leaves, intensive formation of bulbs, large beautiful bulb, early vitamin production, endurance to adverse conditions (drought, high humidity). Resistance to diseases of cervical and bacterial rot, evenness of bulbs, high-quality commodity, friendly yield of the crop, suitability for long-term storage until July next year, excellent preservation of marketable qualities after storage. Recommended for fresh consumption and processing.