Scientific and educational "Center for animal acupuncture"

Course instructors: Kazeev G.V. and Kazeeva A.The. perform an animal acupuncture procedure.
Kazeev G.V. - Head of the Department of Bioenergy of MAAO, Academician of MAAO, President of the Association of Veterinary Acupuncture, Honored Veterinarian, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor (center on the right).
Kazeeva A.V. - a full member of the IAAO, a leading researcher, the main developer of topographic atlases, recipes and new methods of treatment based on acupuncture points (TA) of animals (center left).
Course instructor: Kazeev G.V. conducts training in special courses.

The scientific and educational Center for Animal Acupuncture at the Department of Bioenergy of the International Academy of Agrarian Education (MAAO) at the Russian State Agrarian Correspondence University (RGAZU R) annually conducts advanced training in a drug-free, environmentally friendly method in the treatment of non-infectious animal diseases - acupuncture (acupuncture).

The center has developed the doctrine of animal bioenergy and implemented the introduction of acupuncture through training in special courses since 1989.

Bioenergetics of a living organism is represented by: channels (meridians) and points - the energy system; cakrami - information system; biofield - energy-information system. All these systems of the body have been given a new theoretical foundation based on the laws of physics.

On bioenergy, two Russian books were published in 2000 and in 2016. Authors of which are bioenergy researchers and course organizers.

The purpose of these bioenergy systems is to provide information to the central nervous system (central nervous system). Together they form a functional energy-information system of the body, which provides energy-information homeostasis of the body.