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In accordance with the higher attestation Commission of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation for scientific periodicals order, submitted for publication in the journal "proceedings of the MAAO" authors manuscripts must undergo peer review.

1) the Review is made a doctor of science considered in the paper field of knowledge (the stated profession), the signature of which is certified in his primary place of employment in the prescribed manner, and shall be attached to the submitted content you publish.

2) All reviewers should be acknowledged experts on the subject of the reviewed materials and have in the past 3 years publications on the subject of the reviewed article.

3) In some cases (in the absence in the region of residence of the author of the article meets the necessary requirements of the reviewer, at the request of the publisher, editorial Board of "Izvestia MAAO", etc.) possibly reviewing the manuscripts for publication by members of the editorial Board of the journal "Izvestiya MAAO" (a list of the editorial Board is provided in each issue of the magazine), or external reviewer, which is a recognized expert in the field of knowledge constituting the subject submitted to the reviewing of the manuscript.

4) the review must be reflected:

– the relevance of the article's scientific problem;

– the authenticity of the author of the manuscript, scientific research results;

– scientific novelty achieved in the implementation of scientific studies and reported in peer-reviewed manuscripts;

– practical significance obtained by the author publication of research results;

– lack in the submitted manuscript information, which is subject to state or commercial secrets, the opportunity to publish the manuscript presents the results of scientific research in the open press.

5) Review (or a reasoned refusal) over the published materials stored in the magazine for 5 years and provided to the authors of the publication, as well as in the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation with the corresponding request.