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Papers size should be 5-8 pages of A4 format (portrait orientation on one side of the sheet); all margins – 20 mm, font – Times New Roman, 12 PT, 1 interval. Necessarily the presence of the UDC; the sections "Introduction", "Object and method", "findings", "Conclusions"; the list of the literature referenced by the author.

The bibliography should be in the order of the references in the text and formatted in accordance with accepted requirements of bibliographic references: for books and collections of articles – surname and initials of authors, full title of the book (collection), city, publisher, year, preferably the total number of pages; for journal articles – surname and initials of authors, full title of article, name of journal, year, volume, page numbers. If the number is more than four authors, the first three are indicated with the words "and others". References to foreign literature are written in the original language without abbreviations.

Articles are accepted in paper and electronic (diskette, email) forms. A hard copy of the article signed by all authors indicating the date of submission.

In addition are:

  • Information about authors (full name, place of work, position, academic degree and title, the contact's information: address, phone, E-mail).

  • Headlines and summaries (5-10 lines) of the articles, key words – all in Russian and English languages.

  • Pictures (JPEG, GIF), tables and formulas (implemented in the formula editor Microsoft Equation) – are duplicated on a separate sheet.

  • Review of doctor of science on the topic of the article, certified by place of work (perhaps a reviewing of the manuscript by the editorial Board members). The review should reflect the main content, relevance, validity, scientific novelty and practical significance of the presented material, and evaluated the possibility of publication in public media.

Submitted to the journal of the manuscript and the authors ' materials are kept in the office and back will not be returned. Graduate students for the publication fee is not charged.